Official website of CRACO!

Child Rights Awareness Creation Organisation (CRACO) is a Non Profit Organisation committed to the protection and promotion of the Rights and Welfare of Children, and by extension Women. CRACO was founded on 15th, November, 2006 in University of Ibadan, (Nigeria’s premiere University) Oyo State, by a final year Law student- Mr. Joseph Igwe, in association with some other final year law students who wrote their final year project on topics bothering on the rights of children in Africa.

Research for their project drew their attention to the high rate of child abuse and exploitation in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. Among the publications they came across that motivated the formation of CRACO is UNICEF’s annual publication on the state of the world’s children, 2006 edition captioned “Excluded and Invisible”. This explained the idea behind the motto of CRACOmaking the Child Included and Visible”. CRACO is committed to creating a brighter and hopeful future for today’s children, for a better world. We have membership/volunteers that spread across Nigeria. Our head office is in Lagos, Nigeria.

CRACO is purely a humanitarian Organisation that focuses majorly on creating awareness on children’s rights and promoting same. We try to achieve this through advocacy and awareness-raising, publications, reportage of news/stories concerning children, public lectures, music and film production, and through the media, especially the social media. We also work with schools with the aim of equipping and empowering students/pupils with children’s right knowledge, so as to keep them safe from all forms of abuse. We also train teachers to teach same. CRACO goes as far as undertaking legal case work on behalf of children. In collaboration with relevant Government agencies, we take appropriate actions against child rights infringement whenever live infringement cases are reported to us from concerned members of the public.

Thus, we have been able to save a lot of children from sexual, emotional and physical violence. One of the basic rights of children that CRACO gives priority attention to is the Right to Survival and Development. We raise fund to cater for the welfare of less privileged children. Children’s rights and welfare can not be truly guaranteed if their mothers’ rights and welfare are not guaranteed, as a result, we are also interested in the protection of the rights and welfare of women, especially widows who undergo so much oppression in our society.

As a member of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, CRACO is committed to ending all forms of violence against children in Nigeria, hence we do not take cases of violence against children lightly. We promptly address such cases when reported to us. CRACO is committed to building a safer and happier world for all children.