10-Month-Old Baby Girl Weighs As Five-Year-Old

10-Month-Old Baby Girl Weighs As Five-Year-Old

Obese baby Juanita Valentina Hernandez

Juanita Valentina Hernandez weighed just 3kg when she was born, but weeks later she started rapidly gaining weight with no apparent reason. Now the girl weights 20kg and is undergoing mediсal tests to determine the cause of her condition.

The girl is undergoing mediсal tests to determine the cause of her condition

Juanita’s mother, Sandra Franco, said “When she was 15 days old she was already looking chubby, because she was born very thin.Since then she’s been gaining weight. Now she is 10 months old and I have realised she is morbidly obese. 

She’s been rapidly gaining weight since birth, nobody knows why

To all mothers that have babies like this, please take care of our children if we don’t want them to get sick. Please don’t let them die from one of these diseases.”

The most immediate risk of Juanita being so overweight is that she may develop type 2 diabetes within two or three years

Despite being less than one year old, young Juanita faces a bleak future if doctors won’t intervene and stop rapid weight gain. Obesity in children often causes serious heart problems and diabetes.

Fortunately the charity oragnization Chubby Hearts brought the girl to hospital in Bogota for treatment.

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