12-year-old boy builds Land Rover and computer from wood

12-year-old boy builds Land Rover and computer from wood

A 12-year-old Ugandan boy has attracted admiration within and beyond the shores of his country after he carved a Land Rover and a computer from wood.

His dream to own a car might seem far from reality, at least, for now, the Mubende-born lad has proved to the world that he could improvise his goal.

Kudos abound on social media since the pictures of the boy’s well crafted Land Rover and computer went viral.

What makes the invention historic and commendable according to his admirers is the fact that he had not learned the technical skills of carving before he ventured into the task.

“A young boy from Mubende, Uganda has invented a Land Rover and a laptop from wood. The young boy shocked his community and country at large with the historic invention and construction. According to him ‘I have always dreamt of owning a computer and a car’, exclusive joint reports.

A commentator on nairaland, who goes by the monica, Sulmeza, described the boy as ‘super-talented’.

He wrote, “If truly he did that alone…then the kid is super-talented…quite a creative young mind….bravo…”

Another nairalander, Edet, commended the boy’s artistry and wished that he was sponsored to fully utilise his talent.

He said, “The boy is creative, no doubt about it, but who’ll expose him to the world!”

Pretydiva, who also joined others to celebrate the boy, said, “This is pure talent that needs to be harnessed. Nice one.”

Another commentator on nairaland, who identified himself only as Mr. KontrovErsy, urged support for the boy.

“Please, let them help this boy. Seriously, he has something to offer,” he wrote.

A post on another online blog, myafricanow, described the feat as a product of creative minds in Africa.

It read, “Hopefully he will use his prototype to start working on the real thing. What this boy needs now is support and mentoring. We hope someone is paying attention.

“The boy’s brain needs to be nurtured. It just goes to show Africans are intellectually awesome and creative.”


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