Albinos killed in Tanzania for money

Albinos killed in Tanzania for money


A new report has revealed that about 70 Tanzanian albinos have been killed in the past six years.

The body parts of these albinos, ranging from hearts to genitals, are widely believed to be powerful magical ingredients.

In a move to stop these killings, the government of the east African country has banned soothsayers from talking about albinos in order to protect them. According to a report by theNews Agency of Nigeria, the Home Affairs Minister of the country, Mathias Chikawe has announced the creation of a task force comprising representatives of the government and theTanzania Albino Society (TAS) to investigate the killings.

 “The new task force will review court cases involving albino killings to make sure culprits did not get away too lightly. Soothsayers are the ones fuelling albino killings, we are going to look for them and those who will be apprehended will be prosecuted,’’ Chikawe said.

Mathias Chikawe also warned that “witchdoctors” claiming to make people rich should not be mistaken for practitioners of alternative medicine.

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