A CNN video report says that the Chibok girls, abducted by the Boko Haram sect in April 14, 2014, are still alive.

This story was recounted by Monica Sunday, a 20-year old Christian woman who said that she was held by the sect for 3 days last November.

She said, while speaking with Channel 4 that the girls were not harmed, but were cooking for the insurgent.

Monica herself was abducted from Kiva during a Boko Haram raid. She recently came to an IDP camp near Abuja.

Her words: “They [the Chibok girls] were very emotional.

“None of the girls really talked very much. They just cried and prayed and lamented for their parents. I comforted them and told them to have faith in God and that He would open a way for them so that their nightmare would be over.

“I would say to them, ‘It’s not your fault, you were just trying to get an education. Look, even if they say they want to sell you, just keep your faith in God and pray.’”

Monica herself a physical and psychological victim of the sect successfully escaped 2 months after her kidnap. She said the girls were still strong Christians and hadn’t accepted the Islamic faith.

“When they came into our village, I was terrified. I was actually pregnant. We ran to the mountain. I was so scared. Even now my body shakes with fear when I hear the words Boko Haram.”

“The girls I was with were all in their mid-teens, some a bit younger, some older. None of them was sick.”

“They divided them up. Some were taken to Gwoza. Not all of them are held in one place.”

“Among them was one particular woman who they beat until she was bleeding all over her body because she refused to convert to Islam. She eventually succumbed.”

Source: #NAIJ

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