The only son of a poor widow killed for ritual purpose by his father’s brother.

In pursuit of wealth and fame, many people are now resorting to killing children for ritual purposes. It is usually rampant during the ‘ember’ months when people are preparing for the yuletide. They want to go home with flashy cars and show-case their achievements; and receive chieftaincy awards. All these they sought through terminating the lives of children of the poor who they know poverty cannot allow their parents to raise their voices or seek prosecution of the criminals even when they are caught. So many children die daily in the hands of ritual killers and many of them get away with it when their money speaks for them.

The little boy in the photo above was beheaded by his uncle for money ritual. But unfortunately for the uncle he was caught by a neighbour who saw him when he was carrying out the act. The boy who was said to be the only son of a poor widow was murdered by his late father’s brother. The police have arrested the uncle, and we hope they will not allow money to blindfold their eyes against justice for the poor man. I am saying this, because in most cases like this, we have seen some bad elements in the Nigerian police take bribe, connive with the perpetrators of the evil acts, and turn the cases against the Complainants/Victims; thus the victim becomes the accused, and suffer more. We tell our stories with facts. In Nigeria the poor suffer so much injustice. We have had cause to intervene in most of these cases.

The case of one Mr. Obinna Oleh that happened in June, 2013 (which is still in court till date) reveals what I am saying. We are still following up the matter in court, but we will like to tell you the story in order to draw your attention to what is really happening in our society, so that people, especially parents, should become more careful and vigilant with regards to their children. Place no much confidence and trust in any body as to commit your children totally into their hands without monitoring the survival and development of the child. Some Pastors have been found to be involved in this evil; some medical Doctors have been found also to be involved in this evil. So who else should we trust, where else should we run to, except to God and ourselves. Let me reproduce verbatim the story of Mr. Obinna Oleh as he stated in the affidavit we filed in the court, in our bid to get justice for the poor people who the rich are using their children to increase their wealth. Hear him:

Baby Kingsley Oleh

Baby Kingsley Oleh


  1. That at about 5.30 am to 6.00am on 7th day of June, 2013, my son named kingsley who was about a year and two months old had fever and cough, we rushed him to a nearby clinic called AMC (full name withheld) which situates at No. …, Adeyemi street, Saka, Ajegunle Alagbado, Sango Ota, Ogun state.

2. That at the hospital, the doctor on duty attended to the baby and administered injection on him, later in              the afternoon while the condition of the baby was not improving, my wife went and complained to the                  doctor on afternoon duty and the said doctor administered drip on him. Later in the day, the chief                          medical director, Dr. B.J. (full name withheld) came and we complained to him that the baby’s                                  condition was getting worse and he ordered the nurse to transfer the baby to a private room, he gave                    him some  medicine.

3. That in the morning of 8th day of June 2013, the baby’s condition improved and later in the afternoon                  the medical director ordered the nurses to administer injection on the baby which they did and after                    about 30 minutes or thereabout, the baby’s stomach started swelling and pains all over his stomach and              he was getting weaker, then my wife complained to the medical director who said that the baby could                    not defecate but my wife told him that the baby defecated the previous day and he ordered the nurse to              pump the baby which she did with syringe and water through the baby’s anus yet the baby’s condition                  was getting worse.

  1. That when the condition of the baby could not improve, he ordered the nurse to get a particular drug called NYSTATIN DROP OR TABLET  and he immediately drove off from the hospital and the nurses could not get the drug, then my wife called me to buy the drug on my way to the hospital, but I could not buy it because I did not see the drug at the pharmacy that I went to.
  1. That at about 7.00 to 7.30 pm on the same 8th day of June, 2013, I got to the hospital, meanwhile my wife and some pastors from our church were at the bed side of the baby praying for the condition of the baby to improve.
  1. That at about 8.30 pm the same day, the nurse was about to administer injection once again on the baby but immediately told us that the baby was dead and rushed to the Doctor on duty who came and examined the baby and thereafter told us that the baby was actually dead. And I was about carrying the baby immediately for burial before some of the pastors advised me to get death certificate from the hospital which I later obtained from the Doctor.
  1. That thereafter, I went to carry the corpse of the baby for burial, the nurses stopped me and stated that I will never carry the corpse of the baby unless the medical director authorise them to allow me and the said medical director had already gone home. In view of that those nurses told us to go and come back in the morning, that was on Sunday 9th day of June, 2013, and we all left for home and organised a low key wake keep in front of our house for the baby.
  1. That while we were at the wake keep, a Jeep car stopped in front of our house and asked us where A M C is, then we directed the man in the Jeep car to the hospital because it is not far from our house where the wake keep was taking place, the wake keep was at No. 6, that is our house while the Hospital situates at No. 11 of the same street.
  1. That in the morning of 9th of June, 2013, I and some of our sympathizers went to the hospital for the corpse of the baby for burial. While we were there one of the nurses on duty in the night called me aside and told me that it was spiritual arrow they used in killing my baby, and I asked her which one was spiritual arrow, and immediately she led me and unlocked the room where they kept the corpse of my baby and in that room I saw the body of my baby being mutilated, no ears, no eyes, no lips, no tongue, no finger nails, no testicles; they cut the tip of his penis and they opened both his wrist and his shoulder and removed his veins. There were blood stains on the floor and walls which they tried to clean but unfortunate  I was able to get the picture of them.




10. That I shouted and those people outside rushed into the room, and at that moment people started                           rushing, the nurses and doctors ran away. Then we went to the Baale of the community (Chief Jibril                      Owolabi) who only said that I should not report the matter to the police that he and his cabinet will                        settle the matter, but I refused and rushed to Sango Police station.

11. That at the police station, I met the station officer and narrated the incident to him, after taking my                        name, immediately ordered one officer to go to the scene along with me which we did; the station                           officer sent another officer called Mr. Gaga in company of me to go back to the scene of the incident.

12. That on getting to the scene, we saw the medical director being surrounded by a crowd and the medical             director pleaded to the police officer to rescue him and promised him some money. The said officer                       immediately called a patrol team on phone and on their arrival shot in the air indiscriminately to                          disperse the crowd and succeeded in taking the said medical director away. At about hours later,                            another patrol team from the same police station arrived at the scene and took the mutilated body of the            baby to Ota General Hospital Mortuary.

13. That on getting to the mortuary, we saw the same Mr. Gaga coming out from the mortuary and                                everybody including his colleagues were surprised and they questioned him why was he at the                                mortuary and he answered by saying that he is not answerable to them. Then the mortician was told to                carry the corpse of the baby but he refused and told the police that they cannot embalm a dead baby                   without veins and he did not even see the corpse before refusing. The police later took the corpse of the               baby to Ifo General Hospital for embalmment and they admitted him. Then we left for the police station               where I made written statement.

14. That on Monday morning that was 10th day of June, 2013, two police officers from the same police                         station came to my house, demanded for the original copy of the death certificate of the baby which                    one of them said no, that it was not proper for them to collect the original but photocopy and thereafter              they left. At about two hours later the D.P.O. of the said police station called me to come along with my               wife for further written statement.

15. That at the D.P.O’s office, I was harassed, molested and threatened by the D.P.O. that if I did not take                      time, he will shoot me and the case will die off and accused me of sending people to destroy the                                Hospital’s property which I denied. While we were with the D.P.O., our neighbour called and informed                  us that some police officers from the same station were in my house, broke the door and ransacked the                room.

16. That at the D.P.O’S office, the said medical director threatened to deal with me, that he                      has money and he knows people, that nobody will do him anything, and I was beaten up                  in front of the D.P.O and my clothe was torn by the police. I was detained and released                      later. The torn clothe is with my solicitors.

17. That on 17th day of June, 2013, Baale brought an invitation letter from the police headquarters Ogun                    state and through the said letter I discovered that the matter has been transferred to police                                        headquarters, Ogun state. At the said police headquarters, I and my wife were also molested by the                        police and nothing happened to the man that killed and mutilated the body of my baby. We were                             forced to make written statement and I was detained and was bailed around 8.30 pm. Right now I and                   my family no longer sleep in our house anymore because of threats to our lives from both the medical                director and the police from police headquarters Ogun state.

18. That I plead that this matter be thoroughly investigated in order to bring the culprits of this dastardly                  act to justice and the said medical director has started removing some items from the said Hospital with              the help of the police in order to conceal the hard evidence.

When we noticed the complicity and the disappointing role the Ogun state police was playing in this matter, petition was written to Inspector General of Police, who ordered that the matter be transferred immediately to Federal SARS, in Lagos, for proper investigation. Upon discovery that story has changed, the said Medical Director filed an application at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos (in suit No. FHC/L/CS/1226/2013) for the enforcement of his Fundamental Human Right, seeking to restrain the police from arresting him, telling the court in his affidavit that it was rats that came to his hospital in the night and ate those particular parts of the child’s body. But Hon. Justice I.N. Buba would not hear any of such concoction, and so did not waste time in throwing out the application in his ruling where he said:

“In the light of the counter affidavit of Mr. Obinna Oleh, read together with Exhibits attached. The case sounds like a fairy tale that reminds the court of Andrew Sugars Book titled ‘Yank’ where it was alleged that the Dr, specialised in taking away the lives of his patients and the learned author on investigation concluded that:

“Here is a man who was trained to heal but was born to kill, construction was his business but destruction was his pleasure”

Such is the matter that the police was invited in this case to investigate within their statutory powers as vested by section 4 of the Police Act and other enabling laws. Unless the police has been shown to be acting ultra vires their statutory powers, this court cannot restrain them in the name of Fundamental Right Enforcement. In the sum, this court cannot find any merit in this application, all the argument, “I did not kill or mutilate the boy” is to be made in the court where the case is filed. The Fundamental Right Enforcement Application is dismissed as lacking in merit,”.

In Part 2 of this News Article, we shall show you how some pastors are involved in this evil. Our aim in CRACO is to promote and protect the right of the child to life, survival and overall development, and we are committed to take appropriate steps that can help achieve this objective, and fight against the impediments. Educating you on matters like this (and what to do when you fall victim) is necessary for the achievement of our objectives. CRACO will take up your case if you inform us. Stop dying in silence and living in fear. Speak up for the best interest of the child. You might contribute in changing some people’s evil mentality by purchasing a copy of our book “IN PURSUIT OF TRUE SUCCESS”, and offer to somebody as a gift. If the book is life-changing as most people has said, then you would have succeeded in changing somebody’s life from evil to good. See our PUBLICATIONS Page for more about the book.


Joseph Igwe Esq.

President CRACO.

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CRACO is an NGO that is committed to making the Child included and visible. We ensure that matters relating to children are not swept under the carpet but brought to the attention of the world, so that necessary actions can be taken to address such matters for the best interest of the the children. We keep you regularly informed of news and stories concerning children and women around the world.

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