Boko Haram: Mothers, children forced into prostitution to survive

Boko Haram: Mothers, children forced into prostitution to survive


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), has said that women and their children in the Lake Chad Basin, have been forced into prostitution, in order to make ends meet.

ICRC stated this on Thursday, while explaining how the Boko Haram insurgency has driven millions from their homes and left families starving.

Over 2.4million have been displaced across the swamp lands of Lake Chad, where the borders of Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger meet.

“It’s extraordinary to see a woman and her family and they have nothing other than what they have been given,” Simon Brooks, who is the head of ICRC’s delegation in Cameroon, said.

“The children are clearly malnourished and it’s just hopeless”, he added.

Speaking on how some mothers were now into prostitution, Brooks said: “When you don’t have the means to survive, you’ll go begging for it.

“It’s a loss of dignity when you’re having to resort to something like that just to keep your children alive – fraternising with people who have money.”

Source: Daily Post

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