FRSC seeks protection for children from road crashes

FRSC seeks protection for children from road crashes

The Federal Road Safety Corps has called on motorists in the country to be safety conscious in the interest of children, who usually suffer the most.

The Unit Commander, FRSC, Ota Unit Command, Matthew Olonisaye, stressed the importance of the Child Safety Education in school curriculum to ensure adequate education of children against attacks.

Olonisaye made the remarks on Wednesday during the annual Children’s Day celebration in Ogun State.

The FRSC boss, who addressed teachers and students from selected schools in the state, urged motorists to drive carefully and parents to be vigilant.

He said, “It is true that the young ones are more vulnerable to attacks and incessant crashes on our roads which are usually caused by a multiplicity of factors, in which human errors take the lead.

“In view of the foregoing, parents and guardians are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their wards, while drivers must drive carefully being mindful of other road users to save lives, time and property.”

Olonisaye said parents and guardians should be mindful of the domestic staff they employ to look after their wards, adding that private drivers should particularly be properly educated.

He advised children to also be safety-conscious and raised the alarm whenever their security is compromised.

He said, “Parents and guardians should consistently educate their drivers to be wary of security agents on routine checks and ensure they are not being trailed to and from school, church or any other place. Children, on their part, should be watchful and vigilant while on transit.

“Continuous study of drivers, cooks and house helps is also advised. This is because most recent kidnappings involving children have been traced to the domestic staff. Parents should ensure proper reference by a reputable guarantor, before employment.

“Discipline of child or ward on some moral behaviour — choosing the right friends, and guide against any form of social vices — are equally important. Notwithstanding, parents should always communicate with their children and respond to their needs to ensure contentment.”

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