Mother Wakes Up From Coma After Hearing Her Baby Cries

Mother Wakes Up From Coma After Hearing Her Baby Cries

baby wakes mother up from coma

Shelly Cawley had lapsed into coma after giving birth to her first baby Rylan via emergent C-section. A blood clot broke during her operation and rendered the woman comatose for several hours.

After various efforts to revive her, doctors were almost desperate until one of the nurse suggested reuniting mother with daughter. As soon as the little girl’s body touched the bare chest of her unconscious mother she felt asleep.

That’s why nursing staff suggested Shelly’s husband to tickle and pinch his daughter a little, so that the mother can hear her crying. But what happened next is unexplainable!

The woman’s blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal and a week later she finally opened her eyes.

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