9-yr-old Albino boy butchered in Malawi for rituals

9-yr-old Albino boy butchered in Malawi for rituals

The poor Brian Cedrick

In what can best be described as wickedness of the highest order, a nine-year-old Malawian boy suffering from Albinism, identified as Brian Cedrick, has been murdered by a criminal gang nicknamed ‘Albino hunters’, who often kidnap Albinos in the country, murder them and sell off their body parts to ritualists and witch doctors.

According to a report in South Malawi News, young Brian was abducted by two members of the gang in early March in Malawi’s eastern district of Machinga, with his mutilated body parts found some few days later, with his head and other parts of his body cut off.

A police officer from the district, Isaac Ndala, confirmed the abduction, adding that the kidnappers injured the boy’s mother when she tried to rescue him. Ndala added that a 22-year-old man has been arrested for taking part in the gruesome murder.

According to the police spokesman, Nicholas Gondwa, about 50 criminal offences have been committed against albinos and the number might even be higher than as some incidents may not have been reported to the police.

“The latest statistics we have are of last year, 2015. Over 50 criminal cases were reported that included killings, abductions, and being found with bones of persons with albinism.

Just imagine, there are even some daredevils who go to cemeteries to dig graves where people with albinism were buried. All that is done in the name of hunting for the body parts or bones of albinos,” Gondwa said.

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