50-year-old Isiaka Alade  was led by a teeming crowd, right from the uncompleted building which serves as home for him and his 14 year-old daughter , Sadia,   in Ayobo area of Lagos state, to the palace of the traditional ruler of the area, last Tuesday.

JP-copyFrom the palace, he was handed over to policemen from the State Criminal Investigation Department , SCID Panti, over allegation that he had been sleeping with his 14 year-old daughter.

The scary looking man had allegedly been sleeping with his only surviving child, for   two years.   Sadia, as gathered, was about the 12th and only surviving child of Alade. Her father was said to have married his first wife who had several still births before she died. Sadia’s mother was Alade’s second wife , a union that reportedly produced only Sadia, before both parted ways over what was described as irreconcilable differences eight years ago.

Sadia,   a Junior Secondary School 1 student, reportedly left her mother in the village in Osun state ,    at the age of eight,   to join his father in Lagos, with a view to having access to better education.

The bubble burst after neigbours reportedly caught   her father pants down with her , one afternoon, shortly after she returned back from school.

Alade,   stated emphatically that he was not the one that deflowered   his daughter. On a second thought, he stated that he never penetrated into her.

Asked why he chose to unleash his sexual urge on his biological daughter, the Osun state born suspect gave a blank stare at this reporter, as if lost in thought. After a long wait for his response, he burst into tears, saying : “ This thing is not ordinary. I believe I was hypnotised. Or how else can I explain this, when there are commercial sex workers around?”

Asked what attracted him to his daughter, he responded with a dint of exhilaration : “ She usually striped before me any time she finished taking her bath. It all started after we were chased out from our former place at Idimu, following the demise of our landlord. I moved to Oluwanishola  area of   Ayobo, where I stayed in an uncompleted building with my daughter.   We laid cartoons on the bare floor which served   as bedspread.

I noticed that Sadia, had changed completely from being the good girl she was when she came in 2008. She started behaving like a demon- possessed person. For instance if she was sent on errand, she would waste  so much time .   She also stopped doing the house chores.

I later discovered that things were no longer moving on well for me since she came.   I started contemplating sending her back to her mother. But my constraint was cash. In order to raise money for that purpose, I   decided to gather   sand from the area   to sell”…

Alade narrated how the abominable act started :   “ It all started one night while we were sleeping on the cartoon we used as bed. I did not know what came over me but   I found myself drawing my daughter close     and she did not bulge. That night, there was no penetration. I only held her close until I messed up myself. It continued that way for some time.

I am not the one that deflowered her because I never saw blood   after having carnal knowledge of her and she did not even   cry to indicate it was painful.

“ But towards the end of 2014, I discovered   I was   going insane with the act and decided to approach my Pastor at the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, around my area,  where deliverance was conducted. Infact, my pastor even suggested I took my daughter back to her mother. When I told him my constraint was cash, he said he would assist me with N5,000 . I spent four days in church before I returned home ,with the resolve to sell the sand I had gathered and add it to the money my pastor promised me to take my daughter to her mother”

But that was never to be, as immediately he returned home  from church on January 4, 2015, the traditional ruler of the area had left a message for him to report at his palace. Crime Guard gathered that the palace’s messengers and some curious residents stormed Alade’s abode as early as 5am on Tuesday, to usher him to the palace.

Begging passionately to be forgiven , Alade said: “ I did not do it out of starvation . It was the devil’s handiwork. In fact this is a thing   that has been concluded in the spiritual realm. It was done by someone from the dark world to destroy my image.   I am indeed very sorry”, he stated in tears, with his eyes blinking repeatedly .

My father has been sleeping with me since I was 12

On her part, Sadia who is currently at the Juvenile Welfare Centre , Alakara, disclosed to the teeming crowd at the palace that her father had been having carnal knowledge of her since she was 12 years.

Apparently disturbed the reoccurring act, the JSS 1 student was sais to have confided in a friend who in turn   told his mother. The mother of Sadia’s confidant  was said to have   kept watch on Alade , before he was allegedly caught red handed.

At the palace, Sadia was requested to state her own side when her father denied the allegation. She simply stated that : “ My father has been sleeping with me since. Infact,   I was 12 years old when he started the act and that was the reason why I became hardened and disobedient to him. The last time he had his way was when I was preparing to go to school”


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